Simplified Security Solutions to Secure the IoT

As a leading provider of IoT encryption and authentication, DigiCert specializes in IoT security solutions. Our solutions deliver the critical trust required in IoT device management, system and device authentication, encrypted device and system data communications, and secure software. DigiCert creates simplified approaches for integrating highly scalable, available, and customizable IoT security into IoT management platforms.

DigiCert issues certificates using multiple signature algorithms, public key types, and cryptographic properties to meet specific requirements, adopting cryptographic technology as needed. We collaborate with key contacts within organizations, making sure that our customers benefit from the vast PKI experience we have to offer.

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IoT Security Made Easy

DigiCert simplifies the process of provisioning and deploying the critical and often complex security solutions required to secure the Internet of Things.

CA Infrastructure
Hosted Versus On-Premise Solutions

While private PKI may seem like an ideal use-case for an IoT deployment, an internal CA is not trusted automatically by external devices. Using a publicly trusted CA is not only highly valuable, but also can be crucial to successful IoT deployments.

Hosted CA Infrastructure helps to manage and control the hidden and often growing costs of acquiring the necessary hardware, training personnel, and resources needed to implement, run, and maintain an on-premise CA.

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Security Design and Consulting
Prepare, Plan, and Architect for the IoT

DigiCert's main IoT objectives are to provide digital certificates, access to partners who provide other IoT services, and consult with organizations about IoT security.

DigiCert works with leading companies around the world to make sure the IoT implementation process is security-focused from the start.

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Device Identity Management
Needed Solutions for Device Identification

In the Internet of things, Identity Management is more than just identifying people and managing their access to different types of data (i.e., sensitive data, non-sensitive data, device data, etc.). Devices, sensors, monitors must now also be included under the Identity Management umbrella.

In the Identity of Things (IDoT), Identity and Access Management must be able to manage human-to-device, device-to-device, device-to-service/system communications and access to data. For example, an IT admin will need access to different data when troubleshooting a device malfunction then a user checking their thermostat setting.

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Key Management
Securing Private Keys for IoT Deployments

The most daunting part of managing hundreds, thousands, or millions of certificates involves managing the certificates' private keys. Proper key management helps ensure the security of an IoT implementation.

Hosted HSM: Key Management is hosted and managed by a publicly trusted CA. On-Premise HSM: Key Management is hosted and managed by the IoT provider/organization.

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Digital Certificates
Device Authentication and Data Encryption

PKI uses digital certificates to enable device-to-device or device-to-server authentication. Certificates also protect the data exchanged between devices. Digital certificates are the foundation of a network's IoT security: protecting its data, authenticating its devices, and creating trust for everyone interacting with the network.

With the Internet of Things, networks are expanding and becoming more powerful therefore maintaining the integrity of data and privacy has never been more important.

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Provisioning and Deployment
Issuing Certificates at the Speed of IoT

There is no IoT deployment too large or small to fit into DigiCert's solution. Certificate requests can be automated through our REST API, SCEP, EST, or using DigiCert CertCentral® platform.

The streamlined certificate management process permits all the essential functions: issuing, downloading, revoking, etc.

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Signing Services
Validating Identity and Code Authenticity

DigiCert's signing services provide a way to verify that device configuration settings, software, and firmware, etc. have not been modified during startup.

Additionally, our signing services offer a way for devices to verify that device firmware and software updates are from a trusted source and have not been tampered with.

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