Log in to confirm you received your secure token

Use these instructions to activate your secure token, enabling you to sign applications with a digital signature using your EV Code Signing Certificate.

If your console looks different than the images included in these instructions, see How to Activate Your EV Code Signing Hardware (CertCentral).

Complete the following steps to start signing code with your EV code signing certificate:

Step 1: Activate Your Device

Wait until you receive your secure token from DigiCert before starting these instructions.

  1. On the computer from which you want to sign code (applications), log in to your DigiCert account.

  2. In your account, on the My Orders tab, in the Manager Orders table, click the order number for your EV Code Signing Certificate order.

  3. On the Manage Your EV Code Signing Cert page, in the Token Tracking Number section, click the click here to start activating it link.

    Activate secure token link

  4. Have you received your token?

    • Yes – On the EV Code Signing Hardware Token page, check I have received the hardware token, click Submit, and continue to Step 2.

    • No – Do not proceed. Leave the page and wait for your token to arrive before continuing.

    I have received the token checkbox

Step 2: Obtain Your Preassigned Password

  1. After you confirm the receipt of your hardware token, the pre-assigned device password is displayed.

  2. Important: Your preassigned password will only be visible once. Make sure to record this password so you can access the EV Code Signing certificate on your token.

    Copy device password

Step 3: Install the Device Driver and Client Software

  1. Click the Click here to download the SafeNet drivers for Windows link to download SafeNetAuthenticationClient-64x.msi.

  2. For help installing the SafeNet drivers on your computer, see install the SafeNet eToken drivers.

    Download token software client

Step 4: Change Your Password

  1. As a security precaution, we recommend changing your SafeNet eToken password after installing the drives.

    See Steps to Change your eToken Password.

Step 5: Sign and Timestamp Code for Your Platform

You are ready to start signing your code with you EV Code Signing certificate.

  1. The process for signing and timestamping your code may vary slightly depending on the platform you're using.

  2. Choose your platform from the list below for specific instructions:

    For assistance with other platforms, please contact our award-winning support team.