Learn how to install a standard Code Signing certificate

After DigiCert validates the information in your order, we send an email with a link to install your Code Signing (CS) certificate.

*Sun Java Note: If your code signing certificate is for the Sun Java Platform, see Java Code Signing Certificate Set Up and Usage Guide.

Code Signing (CS) certificate installation process

  1. DigiCert sends you an email

    The email contains a link to create and install your code signing certificate.

    Email subject lines:

    • Create Your DigiCert Code Signing Certificate (Order #)

    • Reissue Your DigiCert Code Signing Certificate (Order #)

    Note: From the date DigiCert sends the email, you have thirty days to create your code signing certificate. After thirty days the link in the email expires. To get a new link, you must reissue/rekey your code signing certificate so that we can reapprove your code signing certificate order. See Reissue or Re-Key Your Code Signing Certificate.

  2. Follow the link in the DigiCert Code Signing certificate email

    From the computer that you want to install your code signing certificate on, open Internet Explorer or a supported version of Firefox. Copy the certificate creation link from the email and paste it into your browser.

    Browser Note: Currently, only Microsoft Internet Explorer supports CSR generation for code signing certificate installation. If you need to use Firefox to generate your certificate, use version 68 or older, Firefox ESR, or a portable copy of Firefox. For more information, see our knowledgebase article Keygen support to be dropped with Firefox 69.

    Internet Explorer Note: After opening the link, you may receive a Web Access Confirmation warning. Click Yes to continue.

  3. Generate and install your Code Signing certificate

    On the Generate your DigiCert Code Signing Certificate page, click Generate Certificate.

    The following things happen automatically:

    • The browser creates a private key and CSR.

    • The browser stores the private key in the backend of your browser.

    • The browser sends the CSR to DigiCert.

    • After DigiCert receives the CSR, we send files back to the browser for installation.

    • The browser installs the certificate files in the browser’s personal certificate store.

  4. You successfully installed your Code Signing certificate

    Your Code Signing Certificate is now in the browser's personal certificate store.

  5. You are ready to sign your code

    For code signing instructions, see our Code Signing Support & Tutorial page.

  6. Export Code Signing Certificate

    You can export your code signing certificate as a .pfx file for Windows and a .p12 file for Mac and Firefox.

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