Re-key an EV Certificate & Install to a Device

  1. To re-key your Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate from DigiCert, you will first need to log into your DigiCert Management Console. Please note that re-issuing your certificate will automatically revoke the original certificate and any previous reissues. New applications will need to be signed using the re-issued certificate, but anything signed with a revoked certificate will continue to be valid as long as it was timestamped when it was signed.

  2. Next, click your order number, then click the button Re-Key Your Certificate.

  3. If you don't already have the DigiCert EV Certificate Installer on your computer, click to download it, then click Create New Initialization Code.

  4. You will then need to copy the initialization code into the DigiCert EV Code Signing installation utility to install your certificate.

  5. After the certificate is installed to the device you can digitally sign and timestamp using SignTool.

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