How to Get the DigiCert Secure Trust Seal on Your Website

What is a DigiCert Secure Trust Seal?

All DigiCert certificates come with a blue DigiCert site seal (see below). DigiCert's site seal gives you an easy way to let your customers know that your site is being secured by DigiCert and that their information is safe. If you have an EV certificate, you can also get a green security seal (see below). For more information about the benefits of site seals, read this article on site seals and visitor conversion.

Note: Site seals can only be generated for active certificates and can only be used on domains that are covered under those certificates.

Installing the DigiCert Secure Trust Seal

To add the DigiCert site seal to your website, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into your DigiCert Management Console.
  2. Click the order number for the site that you want the seal for.
  3. Click Get Site Seal.
  4. Select your seal options and then copy the HTML and JavaScript code.
  5. Place the code in the HTML of the page where you want the site seal to be displayed.

If you have an EV certificate and want to enable the green address bar as well, see this article for instructions.