Creating a Duplicate Certificate for a New Server

All DigiCert® Wildcard Plus™ and Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates come with an unlimited server license. Having an unlimited server license means that you can use one certificate on as many different servers as you want without extra costs. To increase security and make it easier to install the certificates, you can create duplicate certificates in your DigiCert® Management Console.

For information and instructions for duplicating a wildcard certificate, see Wildcard Certificates and Subject Alternate Names (SANs).

To create a duplicate certificate, for each server, send us a new CSR so that we can create a new certificate for it. The details in the duplicate certificate will be exactly the same as in the original certificate, and the duplicate certificate does not/cannot revoke previous copies of your certificate.

How to Duplicate a Certificate

  1. On the server for which you want the certificate, create a new CSR/keypair.

    For instructions on how to create a CSR, see Create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request).

  2. Log into your DigiCert® Management Console.

  3. On the My Orders tab, in the list of your current certificates, select the order number for the certificate that you want to duplicate.

  4. On the Manage Your Multi-Domain SSL Certificate page, in the Reissue Actions section, click Get a Duplicate.

  5. In the Get A Duplicate Certificate-Step 1 window, in the Add CSR section, do one of the following options:

    Upload your CSR. Click Click to upload a CSR to browse for, select, and open your CSR file.
    Paste your CSR. Use a text editor to open your CSR file. Then, copy the text, including the
    and paste it in to the request form in the area provided.

  6. In the Select Your Server Software section, in the drop-down list select the server on which the CSR was generated.

  7. Click Proceed to Step 2.

  8. Review the details and click Process now.

  9. The duplicate certificate should automatically be issued within a few minutes.

    To see your duplicate certificate, refresh your browser. Inside your account, the most recent duplicate certificate is located closest to the bottom of the page for this order.

  10. Download and install the certificate to your new server.

    For instructions on how to install your SSL Certificate, see SSL Certificate Installation Instructions & Tutorials.