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With features like automatic CSR creation and SSL Certificate installation, easy code signing, and certificate troubleshooting and management you're probably thinking "how much does this tool cost?" Easy certificate management is our mission, so we make tools like this completely free.



Certificate Utility Screenshots & Overview

Easy One-Click CSR Creation and Certificate Installation

Like most people who deal with SSL Certificates, DigiCert knows that the CSR creation and installation process is a hassle. That’s why we added automated CSR generation and certificate installation features to our utility. After you buy a certificate and it's validated, download the utility and log in using your regular account credentials. Then, use the utility to create your private key and CSR, send the CSR to DigiCert, issue the certificate, and install the issued certificate. It’s that easy.

Simple Code Signing & Application Signing

Formerly, signing your software with a code signing certificate was an arcane and time-consuming process. Depending on the code you were signing, you would need to research how to sign the code, track down all the necessary assets, and labor through a clunky command line process. Fortunately, DigiCert’s utility for Windows turns this process into a smooth and easy procedure. Simply open the utility, navigate to the file you want to sign, and click a button.

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DigiCert Utility Features

The DigiCert Certificate Utility makes it easy for you to perform the most common certificate management tasks like:

  • Install certificates with a single click
  • Generate a CSR for your order
  • Re-install certificates in one click
  • Find SSL Certificates on your server
  • View certificate details
  • Copy certificates between servers
  • Renew certificates
  • Fix intermediate certificate chain errors
  • Edit certificate friendly names
  • Verify certificate chains
  • Install certificates to pending requests
  • Test certificates
  • Delete certificates
  • Sign or re-sign code or software
  • Sign applications with a single click
  • Sign drivers and other system files
  • Verify signed applications
  • Time stamp applications
  • Repair private key errors
  • Automate application signing

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