PKI SSL Management Solutions for Enterprises

DigiCert Enterprise Managed PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) accounts are fully integrated systems that empower you to take control of certificate management across your entire enterprise. DigiCert’s MPKI account features are straightforward and easy to use and our development team is willing to work with any of our MPKI customers to update or personalize account functionality. This page contains a run-down of some of the management features in an MPKI account.

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Features for Every Enterprise

Certificate Management

Within the MPKI platform, administrators can issue new certificates as well as reissue, replace, and revoke existing certificates on demand. Admin users can also access all certificates ordered by any user and can assign access to appropriate individuals, view the receipt or invoice, and modify their renewal notice options.


In an MPKI system, domains only need to be submitted to DigiCert for approval one time, after which all approvals are taken care of by your chosen account administrator. Organizations can also be submitted for pre-approval, making the certificate validation much faster than with a standard account.

   Administrator/End-User Permissions

Administrators can create different levels of permissions within an MPKI account to allow end users to request and manage their own certificates. These permissions allow administrators to efficiently oversee the certificate management of large organizations.

Unit & Subunit Management

With an MPKI account your administrator can create multiple units inside your account to match your account structure and to simplify internal auditing, account management, or billing procedures.

Flexible Financial Management

DigiCert’s MPKI platform allows for highly individualized payment plans including yearly flat fees or per-certificate options. Clients can also pre-pay for certificates or pay for certificates retrospectively. This financial flexibility allows IT admins to have full customizability and control over their PKI systems at every given moment.

Account Auditing

Administrators can keep track of every action made by any user inside the Managed PKI account with account auditing. The audit log shows the user name, the date and time of the action, IP address, and a brief description of the action. For convenience, the log is also searchable by user or by date.

API Access

DigiCert offers API access to all administrators. This access provides administrators with an accessible and secure way to manage certificates from other software and scripted or semi-automated systems.

No User or Service Fees

There are no user or service fees with DigiCert’s MPKI platform. Users who pay for their certificates have unlimited access to the MPKI portal, as well as reporting tools like Certificate Inspector and Discovery Tool.