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DigiCert meets WebTrust standards for SSL Certificate Authorities


Lindon, UT — August 10, 2005 — Today Ken Bretschneider, CEO of DigiCert, Inc. announced that DigiCert has met the WebTrust standards for SSL Certificate Authorities, set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants [AICPU].


“We are very proud to be WebTrust compliant,” said Mr. Bretschneider, “Only firms with the absolute highest levels of security and integrity can pass such a rigorous audit.” DigiCert follows a complex process of stringent procedures to ensure that your security is not compromised, and that there is appropriate authentication of every certificate we issue,” he said.


Today WebTrust is playing a key role in establishing consumer confidence in trusted brands like DigiCert.


Under the WebTrust program, DigiCert is rigorously audited to ensure compliance with the following WebTrust principles:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Processing Integrity
  • Business Practices
  • Transaction Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Availability

Large organizations cannot afford the risk of a compromised certificate. They need reliable assurance that their SSL Certificate Authority maintains strong security controls, and strictly adheres to SSL standards when issuing certificates. WebTrust certification provides that assurance.


About WebTrust


The AICPA/CICA WebTrust program for Certification Authorities was created to
increase consumer confidence in the Internet as a vehicle for conducting e-commerce and to increase consumer confidence in the application of PKI technology.


The AICPA/CICA have developed WebTrust® criteria as set of standards/principles for CAs like DigiCert. Only qualified CPA firms are licensed by the AICPA/CICA to evaluate Certification Authorities. To find out more, read the WebTrust Program for Certification Authorities.


The WebTrust Certification Program follows a set of rigid Standards/Principles as established and maintained by AICPA/CICA. Only those Certified Authorities (CAs) such as DigiCert, who meet or exceed the qualifying criteria can achieve WebTrust Certification.


About DigiCert


DigiCert is a US-based commercial CA specializing in High-Assurance SSL Certificate and Identity Assurance Services globally, to a variety of sectors including business, education, and government. DigiCert is a WebTrust certified certificate authority and a member of the CA/Browser Forum and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). DigiCert provides its customers with innovative products at value pricing and is committed to exemplary support.


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