UC/SAN and WildCard Certificates; CSR Generation Tools

Unified Communications Certificate Secures Up to 25 Server Names; WildCard Plus Extends Mobile Compatibility; Easy CSR Tools Make Generating SSL Requests Quick and Easy


LINDON, UT (September 17, 2008) — DigiCert, Inc., the most trusted provider of enterprise-class high-assurance SSL certificates, has expanded its industry-leading line of SSL certificate encryption and authentication products to provide greater flexibility, compatibility and simplicity for SSL security certificate managers with an affordable and easy-to-manage solution.


Two enhanced products – Unified Communications Certificate and WildCard Plus – offer unprecedented dynamic security for multiple server names and expand platform compatibility, and two new CSR Command Generators help customers cut through the cumbersome technical components of SSL management.


“We have built an exemplary reputation for providing very strong 256-bit SSL certificates to some of the most recognized and demanding organizations in the world, from Fortune 500 companies to national and state governments and educational and medical institutions,” said Ken Bretschneider, CEO of DigiCert, Inc. “These new products and tools reflect our passion for providing our customers with solutions to make the SSL environment easier to manage, with the same outstanding security they’ve come to expect.”


Unified Communications (UC) Certificate


DigiCert’s UC, or SAN, Certificate provides unlimited server license to secure multiple servers with a user-controlled Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field to include up to 25 SANs in one certificate, even if host names are on different domains. Designed specifically for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Office Communications Server 2007, but compatible with any platform, DigiCert’s UC Certificates cost as little as $262 per year for four server names. Requesting a UC certificate is made easier by DigiCert’s exclusive CSR Command Generator for Exchange, a free web-based application that eliminates the need to learn Exchange’s New-ExchangeCertificate command and its confusing syntax.


“The Unified Communications SAN Certificate allows you to run all services on one IP address, significantly reducing the complexity of server configuration,” DigiCert CTO Paul Tiemann said. “It’s simple to add and remove SANs with our online certificate management tools and much easier to maintain than putting multiple IP addresses on your server and assigning a different certificate to each one. It’s also much cheaper – you pay only for the names you use, whether it’s four or 25, with no ‘gotcha’ or hidden fees.”


Wildcard Plus


Designed for system administrators managing multiple subdomains or multiple servers, a DigiCert WildCard Plus certificate eliminates maintenance headaches and saves valuable time and cost typically associated with managing multiple certificates with varying expiration dates. WildCard Plus provides security for an entire domain (*.example.com), including www.example.com, mail.example.com and any other first-level subdomain; it even includes the base domain — example.com – something traditional wildcard products do not offer.


DigiCert’s WildCard Plus also enhances mobile device compatibility by using the SAN field to overcome syntax errors related to the requisite asterisk (*) character in most wildcard certificates. While some mobile clients, including Windows Mobile 5, do not support the asterisk (*) for wildcard name matching, they do support SANs. DigiCert’s WildCard Plus resolves the syntax error by allow the addition of up to 10 specific subdomains.


“By adding the wildcard and the mail server name, for example, to the same certificate, mobile devices can now accept the specific host name,” Bretschneider said. “And because this is done with our Unlimited Server License, you can issue multiple certificates for as many subdomains as you need. Those ten additional subdomains are per certificate, so the Unlimited Server License essentially makes this unlimited, too. In the past, the only option was to add separate SSL Certificates. We’ve had many large clients save thousands of dollars with a WildCard Plus certificate, versus managing multiple certificates individually.”


Easy CSR Command Generators


DigiCert’s Easy CSR Command Generators are free web-based tools designed to simplify the certificate signing request process for generating CSRs in OpenSSL and MS Exchange and eliminate the need to memorize cumbersome technical syntax. These tools enable certificate managers to compile the command using pre-defined fields and then generate the command code to embed into their server.


“The CSR Command Generators are truly unique tools in the industry,” said Jeff Snider, DigiCert’s Director of Web Development. “Managing SSL certificates can be a complicated technical process, and we’re committed to making it as simple as possible and to providing the most value to our customers. These free tools are designed specifically to do just that.”


DigiCert offers a 30-day trial period for all SSL certificate products and provides a full 100% money-back guarantee. All products are backed by DigiCert’s industry-leading personalized support service, including step-by-step certificate setup and installation and ongoing support. DigiCert is a WebTrust Certified Certificate Authority, a member of the CA/Browser Forum and the W3C Consortium.


For more information, visit www.digicert.com.