EV SSL Certificate Compatibility Expanded to Opera

Extended Validation SSL Certificates from DigiCert Now Provide Expanded Green Bar Verification in All EV-Enabled Browsers


February 5, 2009 — With fraud and identity theft as the top concerns of today’s online consumers, Extended Validation (EV) SSL can increase user trust for any online business.

With today’s addition of Opera, DigiCert EV certificates are now supported in 100% of EV-enabled browsers. Opera is added to a list of browsers that support the “green bar” for DigiCert EV SSL that also includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Flock.


Because Extended Validation certificates require a more rigorous fraud-prevention and identity verification process than that of standard SSL certificates, the web browser address bar will turn green when users visit your site, verifying your authenticity and increasing trust.


Your success is built on trust. Increased trust means increased conversions, and confidence at checkout time.


For emerging companies, EV SSL certificates help to establish your online legitimacy. For high-profile businesses or organizations that are especially susceptible to phishing attacks, the green bar helps to protect your customers against fraud.


Your users need to know that their sensitive information is safe. Get increased confidence by securing your site with the strongest encryption in the industry.


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