DigiCert Announces Extended Validation Wildcard Alternative

DigiCert, Inc. releases new offering that allows organizations to secure their entire domain with Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates.

LINDON, UT (December 16, 2010) — DigiCert, Inc., a leading provider of Authentication & Encryption services, is the first Certificate Authority to offer an EV SSL Wildcard alternative. Organizations can now choose a package of 3, 10, or 25 EV SSL certificates to secure an entire domain name as they would with a traditional wildcard certificate.


DigiCert’s EV SSL certificates confirm that websites have passed rigorous identity verification procedures through special indicators easily visible on the browser address bar. Using EV certificates gives visitors visual confirmation of the site’s legitimacy, helps to preserve brand reputation, and helps to protect site owners from phishing and online fraud. With this instant visual assurance, users have increased trust in the site owner and more confidence when submitting their data, which often leads to higher site conversions.


While standard EV SSL certificates only secure a single name, DigiCert’s new Wildcard package offers the flexibility of a wildcard combined with the high-assurance security of EV SSL. Customers can choose a package of 3, 10, or 25 EV SSL certificates with a 1- or 2-year lifetime. All of the certificates in the package will have the same expiration date and can be used all at once or as needed over the term lifetime.


The certificates in the EV Wildcard package are issued to the same base domain. With this new product, server administrators can deploy multiple EV SSL certificates across their domain similar to a traditional wildcard certificate. This makes it possible to secure an entire domain at the EV level at a much lower cost than any other option available today.


“DigiCert’s new EV Wildcard packages are a simple and very affordable option for securing a whole domain with EV SSL,” says Travis Tidball, Vice President of Marketing. “EV is the new standard for encryption and authentication and our EV Wildcard alternative makes it easier to extend the proven benefits of EV to your entire IT infrastructure.”


For any questions regarding the EV Wildcard alternative or any of DigiCert’s SSL certificates, please contact our support team by phone at 1-800-896-7976 or email at support@digicert.com.


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