DigiCert Renews WebTrust Extended Validation Certification

DigiCert exceeds principles and criteria for the AICPA / CICA WebTrust Extended Validation Audit


LINDON, UT (July 15, 2010) – DigiCert, Inc., a leading provider of Authentication & Encryption services, has completed the 2010 WebTrust Extended Validation (EV) audit for SSL Certificate Authorities (CAs). This rigorous evaluation, completed by the prestigious firm KPMG, verifies the quality and effectiveness of authentication services provided by DigiCert to ensure confidence in e-commerce transactions.


Consumers need assurance that their information is protected in online communications. DigiCert’s SSL certificates provide that assurance by protecting sensitive information from outside parties. WebTrust certification verifies that DigiCert’s strong security controls are in place and its SSL standards are strictly followed when issuing certificates.


WebTrust is an independent auditing body whose written standards address consumer concerns about online privacy and security. Authorized public accounting firms, such as KPMG, complete the WebTrust audit and grant WebTrust certification when compliance with these standards is verified.


“DigiCert is extremely honored to be WebTrust Extended Validation certified,” says Christopher Skarda, Vice President of Security Relations. “All of our SSL certificates come with a million dollar warranty due to our strong authentication procedures. We are proud to work with both WebTrust and KPMG on this certification to further demonstrate the value of our authentication and encryption services.”


DigiCert’s strength is found in its authentication measures. All DigiCert certificates are validated with a high level of security, beyond domain-only validation. This dedication to stringent authentication practices has given DigiCert a proven track record of successfully issuing certificates to legitimate entities. For more information on DigiCert’s authentication procedures, visit https://www.digicert.com/authentication-encryption.htm.


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