DigiCert, Inc. increases flexibility and accessibility of Wildcard SSL certificates with the use of Subject Alternative Names (SANs)

LINDON, UT (September 1, 2010) - DigiCert, Inc., a leading provider of Authentication & Encryption services, today announced new features now available in Wildcard Plus SSL certificates.

SSL certificates encrypt the transfer of sensitive information online. From online shopping to secure email messages or even private health records, SSL certificates have a wide variety of applications in every industry.

DigiCert Wildcard Plus certificates can secure any subdomain using subject alternative names (SANs). A traditional wildcard certificate for *.example.com will only secure a first-level subdomain of example.com such as mail.example.com. DigiCert's Wildcard Plus certificate uses SANs to secure any subdomain of example.com, including multi-level subdomains such as mail.internal.example.com. With this new feature, all subdomains can be secured with a single Wildcard Plus certificate from DigiCert. The base domain itself, example.com, is automatically included as a SAN in every Wildcard Plus certificate as well, which increases compatibility and protects example.com with or without the "www."

With the use of SANs, Wildcard Plus certificates also resolve the issue that some mobile devices have with the asterisk (*) syntax. Since mobile devices support SANs, Wildcard Plus certificates enable them to accept the specific host name without the need to purchase a separate SSL certificate.

Additionally, with DigiCert's Unlimited Server License, Wildcard Plus certificates give more freedom to use certificates anywhere without extra license fees. The certificate can be put on any server and any platform using the Duplicates feature through the DigiCert account interface and customers are able to issue as many certificates as needed for as many subdomains as needed.

DigiCert Wildcard Plus SSL certificates are available with various licensing options. DigiCert strives to provide the best value and support possible. For any questions regarding this new product or any DigiCert SSL certificates, please contact our support team by phone toll free at 1-800-896-7973 or by email at support@digicert.com.

Trina Hsieh
DigiCert, Inc.
(801) 701-9662

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