ClickID Trust Seals Now Available from DigiCert

DigiCert, Inc. adds public beta of ClickID trust seal to authentication product offerings.

LINDON, UT (November 18, 2011) — DigiCert Inc., a leading provider of Authentication & Encryption services, today released a public beta of the new ClickID trust seal program. The ClickID trust seal increases conversion and customer confidence by showcasing strong identity verification with an attractive site seal.

Establishing online legitimacy is essential for organizations that have an Internet presence. The ClickID trust seal will assure site visitors that the rightful operator of the site has been identified by stringent authentication procedures. Customers who order ClickID will receive the standard trust seal or can choose to upgrade to ClickID Premium with Photo Verification.

ClickID Premium with Photo Verification includes an onsite visit conducted by a ClickID representative. This in-person validation helps to create a link between the virtual world and the real world, providing an unparalleled level of identity verification and further confirming the organization’s physical presence. The ClickID Premium with Photo Verification seal includes pictures from the onsite visit to help showcase the organization’s offices and help instill confidence with online shoppers.

“DigiCert’s ClickID provides the high assurance of user trust that our online customers need,” says Jerrold Azevedo, Founder of Carports And More. “The sales and support staff made the implementation fast and easy compared to previous experiences with SSL providers. We highly recommend DigiCert to anyone who needs to increase online conversion.”

“We deal with a lot of customers who are used to personal interactions with their suppliers,” says David Ferris, from graduation supply website Honors Graduation. “The ClickID trust seal helps build the kind of trust that is really hard to come by as a small online company.”

Trust seals from ClickID are available in 1-, 2-, or 3-year licenses and start as low as $79 per year. Every ClickID trust seal comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and can be bundled with DigiCert SSL certificates for low pricing. For questions about ClickID or DigiCert’s SSL products, please call DigiCert’s award-winning support team toll free at 1-800-896-7973 or send an email to