ClickID Trust Seals Boost Conversion

DigiCert, Inc. and ClickID Partnership Helps Customers Improve Conversion Rates.

LINDON, UT (December 15, 2011) — DigiCert recently released the ClickID trust seal, which offers identity authentication and photo verification in a site seal that companies can include on their website. The photo verification feature is patent pending feature unique to ClickID seals.

Our in-seal photo verification will show pictures of your actual place of business to your customers so they can see exactly who it is they are working with, on a level previously only accessible by brick-and-mortar institutions and the largest brands of the internet.

By showing visitors that they can trust you, an online company can overcome one of the largest barriers to consumer trust.

When CPMI Professional Development implemented our trust seal on their site, they saw nearly a 20% increase in conversion rates, saying: “We installed the seal just through our store and checkout pages and tested it for 30 days. During that time period, we saw an 18% decrease in bounces and a 19% increase in conversion on pages with the site seal installed.”

If you are a DigiCert SSL customer you can get a free version of your ClickID seal (which can be upgraded to enable photo verification) inside your customer account by clicking on “Get Site Seal” in the “My Orders” tab.

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