Announcing the CA Security Council

(February 14, 2013) — Each day, DigiCert works hard to provide the best value to you, our customers. We compete hard to be your preferred Certificate Authority (CA), and we appreciate your business.

On certain matters, however, we choose to put aside competition and collaborate with other CAs to promote activities and practices that will advance internet security. That’s why we are announcing today the formation of the CA Security Council (CASC), an industry leadership initiative designed to promote best practices in the issuance, deployment, and use of SSL.

For nearly two decades, SSL has formed the backbone of internet security. Today, SSL continues to be the best method of protecting sensitive information that is exchanged online. Each day, members of the CASC secure billions of online connections. Because of the high value of these transactions, we have seen an increase in the number and sophistication of attacks by cybercriminal organizations, hacktivists, and even state-sponsored espionage, making a group dedicated to promoting practical enhancements and global standards a necessity.

Through the CASC, DigiCert can collaborate with other interested stakeholders in improving awareness of critical policies developed in other venues and their potential impact on the internet infrastructure. Members of the CASC are coming together to help encourage best practices, promote improved deployment of a continually trustworthy SSL ecosystem, and help educate end-users on how SSL works and how they can keep themselves safe.

Coinciding with the CASC launch, the group is announcing the first of a planned series of educational and advocacy efforts related to best practices in SSL deployment. The group’s initial focus is on the importance of online certificate status checking and revocation. These first efforts will help people understand the benefits of online certificate status protocol (OCSP) stapling and how it can be widely implemented to help provide a more secure internet.

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Visit the CASC website at We welcome your feedback.

Jeff Chandler
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