DigiCert® Document Signing Now Available for Adobe Approved Trust List & Other Platforms

Businesses and individuals can use DigiCert’s digital certificates to sign and send legally binding electronic documents; universally trusted certificates prove digital signature authenticity


LEHI, UT (July 30, 2013) — Today, DigiCert, Inc., a leading provider of high-assurance digital certificates, announced the availability of DigiCert® Document Signing certificates, which are accredited in the Adobe® Approved Trust List for PDF signing and chain to universally trusted roots. These certificates are available worldwide for signing Adobe documents and other popular document types such as Microsoft® Office, OpenOffice® and LibreOffice®. Now, law firms, realtors, researchers and other professionals signing sensitive documents can reassure their business partners of the authenticity and validity of their digital signatures using a trusted certificate and official timestamp– both of which are backed by the world’s fastest-growing high-assurance Certificate Authority.


Documents signed by DigiCert certificates comply with the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act and are legally binding. DigiCert’s easy -to-use digital signatures provide increased client confidence and enhanced business efficiency. Using these certificates, for example, individuals and organizations can digitally sign documents that are automatically trusted whenever the documents are opened in Adobe® Acrobat or Adobe Reader software. Two-factor authentication helps provide added security and peace of mind.


“Adobe has strict guidelines for inclusion in our Trust List, which helps to ensure that any document signed by a trusted provider like DigiCert comes with enhanced assurance and validity that individuals and businesses can rely upon,” said Steve Gottwals, group product manager for Acrobat Solutions at Adobe.


DigiCert is the world’s fastest-growing high-assurance Certificate Authority and the third-largest provider of high-assurance SSL certificates. Customers can trust DigiCert’s expertise in digital signatures, as the company currently secures more than 2 trillion online transactions annually, including supporting five of the U.S. Alexa Top 10 most trafficked websites.


“The increase in online fraud and deception creates a rising demand for anyone digitally signing contracts and other critical business documents to assure relying parties of their identity and authenticity,” said DigiCert CEO Nicholas Hales. “DigiCert is pleased to lend our expertise in securing the critical, growing need in our economy for secure authentication of private and legally binding information. Businesses and individuals can benefit from our unique blend of customer-friendly, high-security solutions to suit their needs.”


DigiCert Document Signing customers can enjoy digital signature authentication with a simple interface that allows them to digitally sign documents within their favorite editing software. They also can control the appearance of their digital signature within PDF documents, including size, placement, font and customized graphics. DigiCert leads the market with fast certificate issuance times while upholding rigorous identity verification processes. DigiCert Document Signing certificates are competitively priced and start at $379. For more information about the company, visit the DigiCert online newsroom.


Jeff Chandler
DigiCert, Inc.
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