Always-On SSL Site Checker Helps Analyze Impact of SSL on Keyword Rankings

Using new tool, search marketers can quickly identify which target keywords have sites served over HTTPS to help determine where security, SEO advantages might be gained

LEHI, UT (September 4, 2014) — DigiCert, Inc., a leading global Certificate Authority and provider of trusted identity and authentication services, today announced the availability of the new DigiCert® Always-On SSL Site Checker, a free online keyword tool to help search marketers analyze the impact SSL can have on their search rank results and determine how many competitor sites are using SSL to boost search rankings.

Always-On SSL is a term that describes a practice of forcing SSL encryption by default across an entire website and not just pages where secure information is exchanged. Since Google announced on Aug. 6 that sites using SSL would receive an automatic search ranking boost, search marketers have been seeking the best way to use SSL as an advantage for site rank online.

Available now, the Always-On SSL checker ties into Google search APIs to produce a quick snapshot of the competitive keyword landscape and which sites already use or are migrating to HTTPS. Using the tool, a marketer can research a domain name’s current SSL status and current keywords associated with the domain, and also receive a report that includes:

  • A list of top 30 search results for the target keyword
  • A current ranking of a domain for the target keyword
  • A report on whether the domain is using HTTPS
  • A comparison of competitors already using SSL for search rankings
  • A quick way to identify opportunities for keywords where SSL could impact ranking

“Google’s announcement to boost search rankings for sites using SSL certificates is a positive step forward for user security and one that also is sure to have a long-term impact on search marketing,” said DigiCert CEO Nicholas Hales. “We’re mindful that the process of migrating sites to HTTPS requires search marketers to spend time learning more information about SSL certificates and evaluating how the use of SSL can improve visibility in Google search rankings. The Always-On SSL Site Checker saves marketers time by providing insights into their competitive keyword analysis with respect to how SSL is impacting search engine results.”

While the user security and customer engagement benefits of using Always-On SSL are recognized, Google’s new policy for search provides an added incentive for encrypting websites by boosting search rankings. For many marketers, learning how to efficiently and securely deploy certificates adds additional workload. DigiCert is introducing the new SSL site checker to help simplify the process by which organizations consider which sites to serve over HTTPS and where they can gain their greatest SEO advantage. As a value-add, the site checker provides quick links to help marketers learn how SSL works and which certificate types best suit their situation.

“With the growing rate of business that is done online today, it’s more important than ever that sites of all sizes take every necessary step to ensure they are optimized for good search rank positioning,” said DigiCert VP of Operations Flavio Martins.

Many large technology sites, including Twitter, PayPal, Facebook and Yahoo!, currently use Always-On SSL to protect their users from cross-site scripting, sidejacking and other attacks. These organizations have also reported that Always-On SSL can be achieved without measurable impacts to web speed and performance, thanks to today’s advanced computing systems. Furthermore, Always-On SSL builds trust in an organization’s brand among an increasingly security-conscious consumer base.

DigiCert provides leading products and customer support for today’s increasingly connected world, enabling organizations to authenticate their digital identities and encrypt the data that they and their customers share online. Combining personal, timely and knowledgeable customer service with intuitive certificate management tools, DigiCert provides a five-star experience to organizations looking to optimize their security in an efficient and effective manner. As a result, DigiCert continues to attract the business of the world’s leading brands, including five of the U.S. Alexa Top 6. DigiCert also works with SMBs, manufacturers, healthcare organizations, and channel and software integration providers to help them secure information in-transit. This includes being the go-to partner for emerging markets such as the Internet of Things, Wi-Fi security and Directed Exchange of healthcare information.

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