DigiCert Announces Availability of SecureWifi Certificates™

Certificates, authorized for Release 2 of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Passpoint® Program, authenticate and encrypt online signup servers, point toward better, more secure Wi-Fi user experience

LEHI, UT (Oct. 9, 2014) — DigiCert, Inc., a leading global Certificate Authority and provider of trusted identity and authentication services, today announced the availability of new SecureWifi Certificates, which are trusted by the Wi-Fi Alliance to authenticate and encrypt online signup servers compliant with Release 2 of its Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint program. As one of just two certificate authorities included in Release 2 of the Passpoint certification program for devices, DigiCert is a full-service provider and provides certificates to Wi-Fi chipset manufacturers, service providers, and access point vendors looking to participate in Passpoint. Additionally, authorized certificates from DigiCert can help retail and hospitality providers deploy Passpoint-certified networks at retail and hotel locations around the world.

“Today’s announcement is an important step toward the future and ultimate realization of secure Wi-Fi being made available everywhere,” said DigiCert CEO Nicholas Hales. “With Passpoint Release 2, equipment manufacturers and vendors can build the next-generation systems that will enable secure online connections for new account provisioning, authentication for Wi-Fi hotspots to reduce the risk of spoofing, and an overall improved, more secure Wi-Fi user experience.”

Passpoint Release 2 features closes some of the traditional gaps in hotspot security by provisioning online signup servers with an authorized digital certificate to authenticate the access point with the service provider’s uniquely identifying common name and the provider’s logo. This helps avoid user confusion and reduces the likelihood of a user falling prey to access point spoofing. Additionally, the use of an authorized certificate encrypts information exchanged during the signup process, helping to protect user’s credentials when registering for a new account.

By streamlining the process for creating a new user account at the point of access, Passpoint helps to reduce barriers to account creation and usage for service providers. Likewise, it reduces the complexity for users in getting connected and enables them to re-connect easily across a service provider’s broad network of hotspots with the trust that their credentials are securely exchanged when connecting.

The availability of SecureWifi Certificates, and subsequent work that DigiCert plans within the Wi-Fi Alliance in the coming future, represent an important step forward toward a vision of enabling secure wi-fi everywhere. With continued advancements in future Passpoint programs, the potential exists to enable globally available, authenticated hotspot access points and devices that are easily identifiable and provisioned with end-to-end encryption. It also provides a path forward that may lead to expansion of global Wi-Fi roaming that reduces cellular data overload and demand for new cellular tower construction.

Mobile equipment vendors, operators and hospitality providers looking to participate in Release 2 features of the Passpoint program need to use an authorized digital certificate for certification. As the only publicly trusted Certificate Authority authorized for Release 2 of Passpoint, DigiCert invites participants to experience the DigiCert Difference™, which includes award-winning customer support, a host of products and tools to simplify and optimize digital certificate management, and fast negotiation of secure sessions designed for the speed of mobile business.

DigiCert continues to attract the business of the world’s leading brands, including five of the U.S. Alexa Top 6. DigiCert also works with SMBs, manufacturers, healthcare organizations, and channel and software integration providers to help them secure information in-transit. This includes being the go-to partner for emerging markets such as the Internet of Things, Wi-Fi security and Directed Exchange of healthcare information.

To learn more about how to provision DigiCert SecureWifi Certificates, please visit https://www.digicert.com/wifi/.

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