Plex Partners with DigiCert to Deliver IoT Security

DigiCert will provide security for millions of Plex customers in what is considered one of the first major implementations of PKI for the Internet of Things


LEHI, UT (Jan. 22, 2015) —DigiCert, a leading provider of security solutions and certificate management tools, has partnered with Plex to provide publicly-trusted certificates to enhance security for all Plex media streaming and cloud services. DigiCert’s SSL Internet of Things (IoT) solution will be deployed to all of Plex’s clients, which is currently over 4 million. That number is expected to grow in the near future.


“With the explosive growth and expansion of IoT implementations, security is of huge concern and a growing threat for Plex’s businesses,” said DigiCert VP of Research and Development, Jason Sabin. “Plex is using DigiCert encryption and security with unique keys per device to counteract possible MITM attacks, snooping and hackers accessing their devices. This is where IoT vendors need to move to secure their devices and not becoming another hacker story.”


The security provided by DigiCert to Plex and their customers will be one of the largest implementations of publicly trusted certificates to date. DigiCert and Plex will be utilizing existing PKI technologies and SSL encryption to create a scalable, secure solution to protect the communications between Plex-enabled devices.


“Plex’s use case is a real-world example of why security is so important in the Internet of Things,” said DigiCert VP of Technology, Dan Timpson. “All Plex customers will benefit from the enhanced privacy, security and encryption of DigiCert certificates to protect their personal files as they are stored and streamed.”


Plex’s sophisticated media management services help consumers store, organize and stream personal media like videos, music and photos across devices like smartphones, smart TVs, desktops and other smart services. Plex media server is available for most operating systems and Plex also offers remote streaming applications for a variety of gaming and personal devices.


Plex selected DigiCert based on its proven ability to deliver custom, innovative and scalable solutions for securing the IoT and to integrate with existing management platforms. Plex will also benefit from DigiCert’s large-scale certificate deployment and provisioning solutions.


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