DigiCert Joins Others to Advance Security Standards

DigiCert’s Work Strengthens Security Standards for the IoT, including NFC Tags


LEHI, UT (April 16, 2015) — Today, the AllSeenAlliance officially welcomed DigiCert as a member, where we’ll be working to advance interoperable security standards for the IoT, while the NFC Forum announced a new spec and implementation, developed by DigiCert, which advances NFC tag security.


DigiCert remains committed to improving security standards and implementations across a variety of industries and emerging technologies. This involves more than just talking about solutions, read the following news releases to learn more about how we’re getting involved to share our expertise about PKI and draft specifications and standards that make a difference.


Whether it’s the IoT, healthcare exchange, next-generation Wi-Fi or NFC, the value of PKI extends far beyond traditional web browsers. DigiCert has the expertise, infrastructure and scalability to work with any community needing strong identity authentication and encryption services.


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DigiCert joins the AllSeen Alliance to help develop a common platform and cross-industry collaboration in IoT, lend its security expertise

DigiCert drafts specification, enables implementation of NFC Forum advanced security for NFC tags; read more about release of Signature RTD 2.0 technical specification.


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