Jason Sabin

Chief Technology Officer

Jason Sabin joined DigiCert in February 2012, and before being promoted to Chief Technology Officer in April 2020, he held roles including VP of Research and Development, Chief Security Officer and Chief Information Officer. As CIO, he led his team toward best-in-class technology across DigiCert’s platforms and systems, and also spearheaded the move to SaaS and cloud services over on-prem instances.

Jason is a proud, self-proclaimed nerd, who discovered programming in fifth grade. He has more than 20 years of engineering and R&D experience working in the identity and security industry, with roles prior to DigiCert at NetIQ, Novell, and Volera. He’s an accomplished speaker at security, IoT and technology conferences. He has twice been named a Utah Genius for top inventor, with more than 50 patents issued.