Jason Sabin

Chief Security Officer

Jason Sabin joined DigiCert in February 2012, and since then has worked closely with DigiCert’s customers to develop innovative new products and features that simplify SAAS-based digital certificate deployment for the enterprise. Now as Chief Security Officer, Sabin leads his team toward best-in-class products and tools that help organizations ensure they manage digital certificates with optimum efficiency and security.

A lifelong tinkerer with a penchant for Thinking Maliciously, Sabin has been programming since the fifth grade. As he started his career at Novell, he oversaw the company’s Security Review Board and built the company‚Äôs first penetration testing teams, overseeing a combined product revenue of more than 1 billion USD, with many of these products built for the cloud. He is the founder of testingsecurity.com, a frequent participant at black hat conferences, and he has filed more than 50 patents. Sabin graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Utah Valley University.