Jeremy Rowley

Executive VP of

Executive Vice President of Product Jeremy Rowley leads the company’s product development teams serving its emerging markets clients that require security solutions for the Internet of Things, U.S. federal healthcare exchange, advanced Wi-Fi and other innovative technology sectors. Rowley also represents DigiCert’s interests within various industry standards bodies and has authored several industry standards now in use. As part of DigiCert’s vision to lead its industry toward better and more trusted practices, Rowley actively participates in groups such as the CA/Browser Forum, IETF, Mozilla Forum, NIST, ICANN, and the CA Security Council. Rowley was a key participant in drafting the CA/Browser Forum’s EV Guidelines, Baseline Requirements, and Network Security Guidelines, and he continues to draft new policy and guidelines today.

Prior to joining DigiCert, Rowley worked as corporate counsel for another large Certificate Authority, helped build programs to achieve efficiencies within law firms, and served as chief software architect for a global chemical software group. Rowley earned a JD from Brigham Young University as well as MS and BS of Science, Chemical Engineering at the same institution. Rowley is a member of the Utah Bar and currently serves as president of the Utah Bar Association’s Cyberlaw division.