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New gTLDs and their impact on your SSL Certificates White Paper

Learn how new Top-Level Domains and CA/B Forum baseline requirements may affect your SSL Certificates.

DigiCert and the Wikimedia Foundation Partner in Security Case Study

The Wikimedia Foundation partners with DigiCert for strong securtiy and streamlined management using Enterprise Managed PKI Services


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John Merrill

Chief Executive Officer

John Merrill was named DigiCert CEO in August 2016, after serving as the company’s COO during the previous three years. As COO, Merrill led the DigiCert acquisition of Verizon's Enterprise SSL business, and expanded its global footprint through EMEA and in Asia via a partnership with Cybertrust Japan. He has played a pivotal role in overseeing the company's finance, operations, sales and emerging markets divisions. Among his initiatives as COO, Merrill has overseen the company’s focus on enhancing its solutions for the Internet of Things, advancing its industry leadership and developing innovative certificate management platforms. Merrill has a strong, multi-decade background in corporate finance, marketing, and operations for high-revenue growth companies.

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Flavio Martins

Chief Operating Officer

Flavio Martins was named DigiCert COO in August 2016. Prior to becoming COO, he oversaw the day-to-day operations of the company's Marketing and Customer Support departments. Martins has worked at DigiCert since 2007 and has been instrumental in developing DigiCert support into an award-winning function and a major part of why the company enjoys the highest customer loyalty in its industry. Additionally, Martins has overseen DigiCert's public relations, content marketing, lead generation, brand development, and social media strategies to help the company establish its reputation as a thought leader and innovator among its competitors.

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Michael Olson

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Olson joined DigiCert as Chief Financial Officer in January 2016. In this position, Olson is responsible for the overall financial strategy and direction at DigiCert, as well as human resources. Within finance, he guides the controller, treasury, shareholder relations, accounting, tax, and internal audit functions to pursue the company's aggressive growth strategy and meet its clients' and investors' expectations.

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Dan Timpson

Chief Technology Officer

Dan Timpson was promoted to Chief Technology Officer in January 2015 after serving as DigiCert's VP of Technology for two years. As CTO, Timpson is responsible for DigiCert's technology strategy and plays a key role in leading the security industry by driving new initiatives. At DigiCert, Timpson's team is constantly working to simplify certificate management for DigiCert customers and strengthen the security of DigiCert's products against evolving threats. Additionally, Timpson contributes strategic oversight and program management to DigiCert's products and features.

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Jason Sabin

Chief Security Officer

Jason Sabin joined DigiCert in February 2012, and since then has worked closely with DigiCert's customers to develop innovative new products and features that simplify SAAS-based digital certificate deployment for the enterprise. Now as Chief Security Officer, Sabin leads his team toward best-in-class products and tools that help organizations ensure they manage digital certificates with optimum efficiency and security.

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Jeremy Rowley

Executive VP of Emerging Markets

Executive Vice President of Emerging Markets Jeremy Rowley leads the company's business and product development teams serving its emerging markets clients that require security solutions for the Internet of Things, U.S. federal healthcare exchange, advanced Wi-Fi and other innovative technology sectors. Rowley also represents DigiCert's interests within various industry standards bodies and has authored several industry standards now in use. As part of DigiCert’s vision to lead its industry toward better and more trusted practices, Rowley actively participates in groups such as the CA/Browser Forum, IETF, Mozilla Forum, NIST, ICANN, and the CA Security Council. Rowley was an active participant in drafting the CA/Browser Forum’s EV Guidelines, Baseline Requirements, and Network Security Guidelines, and he continues to draft new policy and guidelines today.

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Mike Johnson

General Counsel

Mike Johnson joined DigiCert in June 2016 after serving as a product and licensing attorney at Splunk Inc., bringing many years' experience advising on technology-related matters and negotiating a variety of commercial contracts. As General Counsel, Johnson oversees the efforts of DigiCert's legal team and partners closely with the rest of the executive team.

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Mark Packham

VP of Marketing

Mark Packham joined DigiCert in July 2016 as VP of Marketing. He brings over 20 years of experience as a strategic marketer and brand manager having led global marketing engagements with companies like, Microsoft, Verizon and Abbott. Packham adds a creative and varied skill-set to DigiCert's management team including marketing strategy, brand development, corporate messaging and experience design.

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Alan Raymond

VP of Sales

As VP of Sales, Alan Raymond is responsible for driving global sales for DigiCert, with a focus on growing the company's enterprise, channel, and healthcare client bases. Raymond brings to the position a successful track record of more than 25 years that includes high-profile leadership positions and recognized sales achievements in the high-tech and healthcare industries. A frequent speaker and trainer, Raymond specializes in forming strategic alliances and programs that add value to the customer relationship.

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Benjamin T. Wilson

VP of Compliance and Industry Relations

Since 1990, Ben Wilson has practiced law in the public and private sectors. He currently oversees DigiCert's industry relations, policy development, and compliance efforts. As an MCSE/CISSP, he also brings deep experience and understanding of information technology and the public-private partnerships in securing national and international trust in online transactions. Wilson is a past chair of the CA/Browser Forum and holds leadership positions in the American Bar Association, the Online Trust Alliance, the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group, and other national and global efforts to improve Internet security and society's ability to use and rely on electronic transactions.

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Eric Porter

VP of Finance and Administration

After working on the DigiCert team as controller for four years, Eric Porter was promoted to VP of Finance and Administration in 2014. As controller, Porter was responsible for the monthly and annual close of company financial records, developing GAAP accounting policies and procedures with the CFO, and overseeing HR and payroll; as VP of Finance and Administration, he oversees daily operations of the finance and accounting department, manages the preparation of all financial reports, and prepares annual budgets and business plans. When he joined DigiCert, Porter brought with him over 15 years of corporate finance and management experience including reporting, budgets, analysis, and purchasing. With training in SOX as well as experience in MS Dynamics and SQL, Porter brings financial expertise to the DigiCert team.

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Mike Nelson

VP of Healthcare Solutions

Mike Nelson joined DigiCert in April 2015 as VP of Healthcare Solutions with the responsibility of overseeing the strategy and growth of DigiCert's healthcare business. Mike brings with him a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, and specifically health information technology. Before joining DigiCert, Mike started up and led a consulting practice focused on collaboration at Leavitt Partners, a health intelligence company. Nelson also served as a Senior Project Manager for GE Healthcare where he worked to develop advanced IT solutions aimed at enhancing patient outcomes while reducing costs. Before his time at GE Healthcare, he served at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as the Director of the National Electronic Health Record Initiative, a Medicare demonstration project that is now known as Meaningful Use.

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