With today's constantly changing security landscape it's more important than ever for online services to introduce strong and innovative defenses.

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Each year, the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) does a comprehensive evaluation of the top 800 consumer websites. This evaluation analyses companies based on three major criteria: data protection, security practices, and privacy policies. In 2014, less than 30.2% of the companies that were evaluated passed.

What Were They Looking For?

The OTA based its nominations on a composite analysis of over two dozen criteria. To address the ever-changing security landscape and regulatory requirements, the criteria change each year and the bar gets higher. For example, criteria that were previously considered for bonus points are now part of the baseline requirements—most notably, increased SSL granularity and upgrading to 2048-bit SSL Certificates.

Staying One Step Ahead

With these changing requirements, the audit underscores the importance of continued security monitoring and updating of privacy practices. As cybercrime becomes more prevalent, yesterday’s security measures may no longer be applicable or meet today’s threat landscape. Online services must be aware of this and continue to introduce stronger and more innovative defenses.

DigiCert Online Trust Toolkit

With this in mind, DigiCert has assembled an Online Trust Toolkit with additional information about the study and an assortment of valuable assets that show you how to evaluate your environment, along with best practices to secure your network.

Resources in this toolkit:

  • Seven Hidden Vulnerabilities in Your Network
  • Creating a Bulletproof Network Webinar
  • OTA Audit Results Slide Deck
  • Wikimedia Case Study

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