DigiCert Managed PKI Enterprise Certificate Management

Managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) from DigiCert allows organizations to easily manage high volumes of SSL certificates


LINDON, UT (August 3, 2010) – DigiCert, Inc., a leading provider of Authentication & Encryption services, now offers Managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), a service that empowers customers who require a high SSL certificate volume to take control of certificate management. Managed PKI allows organizations to perform key life-cycle events of SSL certificates on demand.


SSL certificates encrypt the transfer of sensitive online information and protect that information from outside parties. From online shopping to secure email messages or even private health records, SSL certificates have a wide variety of applications in any industry.


With DigiCert’s Managed PKI service, issuing new SSL certificates and reissuing, replacing, or revoking existing certificates is instantaneous since both the organization and the domain are pre-validated. Organizations can now efficiently manage their certificates without the wait normally associated with retail certificate orders.


Managed PKI allows customers to have multiple sub-accounts, thus distributing workload while centralizing control. Designated Administrative Users can submit certificate requests and also approve or reject requests submitted by Limited Users. Authority levels for users can be changed at any time and customers can set up as many Administrative Users as needed, therefore increasing certificate issuing speeds. Additionally, business units can be created so that certificate requests can be associated with organizational departments, such as Sales or Marketing, for internal auditing or billing procedures.


Certificate sub-accounts can also be shared among business units. If a business unit, such as Marketing, needs access to test.example.com and there is an existing certificate for that domain issued to Sales, then an Administrative User can give Marketing access to that existing certificate without having to create a new account. All account activity is recorded in an audit log so that every action is tracked with pertinent details that are searchable by user or by date.


“DigiCert’s Managed PKI service is a huge time saver, both for me as an Administrative User and for the users I support,” says Brian Wilson, Network Security Engineer at SAS. “The workflow features have been particularly welcome. For example, the ability to assign multiple owners – which means a certificate can be renewed even when its original creator is not available – reduces headaches and delays. DigiCert not only costs us less, but it provides a better MPKI experience than our previous provider.”


Funds are deposited into Managed PKI accounts by purchase order or credit card and treated like cash. All approved certificate requests are automatically deducted from the account balance and the deposited funds never expire. In addition to these great features, Managed PKI users enjoy all the benefits of being a DigiCert customer: free 24-hour support, free reissues, unlimited server licensing, low prices, and much more.


According to Augustus Sam, Senior Network Engineer at the University of Maryland, DigiCert’s Managed PKI has been a great benefit. “Managed PKI from DigiCert is a great fit for our university,” Sam said. “We get to keep the extremely helpful and responsive support that DigiCert is known for while also gaining the ability to manage our certificates as we choose. The online system is easy to use and has simplified everything for us. Managed PKI is smart, fast, and extremely affordable.”


SSL Plus, Unified Communications (SAN), and Extended Validation (EV) certificates are all available and manageable from the Managed PKI system. DigiCert strives to provide the best products and service possible to its customers, and Managed PKI further helps to achieve that goal. DigiCert is also dedicated to providing free tools that enable administrators to get the most out of its high-strength encryption. Robust security controls and strict adherence to SSL standards, all verified by WebTrust, combined with strong encryption, solidify DigiCert’s position as a leading provider of authentication and encryption services. To find out more about Managed PKI or to request a complimentary demonstration, visit https://www.digicert.com/mpki/.


Trina Hsieh
DigiCert, Inc.
(801) 701-9662


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