Promoting Education Through the “Giving of the Green”

(March 17, 2009) — DigiCert, Inc., a leading provider of SSL certificates and identity assurance, has committed to a sizeable donation through Utah Valley University’s “Giving of the Green” annual fundraiser. This event encourages students, faculty, and alumni of the university to give donations to fund school-related projects. DigiCert has agreed to match donations, effectively doubling the amount of funds available to students.

Last year’s event generated over $40,000 toward revitalizing the university library. Proceeds from this year’s “Giving of the Green” go toward students in need of scholarships. Utah Valley University reports that more than 230 scholarships have been dropped due to a slowing economy and budget cuts.

“Businesses and individuals are reluctant to donate this year,” said Utah Valley University student Jon Daniels. “It’s understandable, given the state of the economy, but it leaves a lot of students out on a limb. Without being able to receive a scholarship or find a good job, it can be hard for students to stay in school. DigiCert’s donation is a sight for sore eyes.”

DigiCert strongly believes in the power of education and the important role that schools such as Utah Valley University have in preparing students for the future. “By partnering with UVU to match donations, more of tomorrow’s leaders will have the opportunity to learn, innovate, and build on the success of countless students before them,” said Travis Tidball, Director of Marketing and Customer Relations at DigiCert.

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DigiCert has a history of partnering with universities, colleges, and schools to provide unique opportunities. DigiCert Wildcard SSL certificates and unlimited server license allow educational institutions to save thousands of dollars while securing the transfer of sensitive online information such as passwords, credit card details, grade reports, health records, and emails.

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