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Subject Alternative Names (SANs) Make DigiCert SSL Certificates More Flexible, Affordable and Mobile-Compatible for Enterprise Applications

(February 10, 2009) — The launch of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 has given rise to the widespread use of Subject Alternative Names (SANs) in a single SSL certificate to protect multiple host names. DigiCert, Inc., the most trusted provider of...

EV SSL Certificate Compatibility Expanded to Opera

Extended Validation SSL Certificates from DigiCert Now Provide Expanded Green Bar Verification in All EV-Enabled Browsers   February 5, 2009 -- With fraud and identity theft as the top concerns of today's online consumers, Extended...

MD5 Certificate Vulnerability

SSL Certificates With MD5 Cryptographic Standards Considered Insecure - All DigiCert Customers Unaffected.   January 5, 2009 -- On December 30, 2008 a group of security researchers reported that by exploiting a known weakness in the MD5...

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