Nginx SSL Certificate Solutions

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At DigiCert, our goal is to make your certificate setup process at simple as possible, from start to finish. That is why we don't just lump every OpenSSL related server into one group. We are here if you need help with your specific Nginx SSL certificate related questions, just contact support.

Meeting Your Needs

Nginx SSL certificate management is going to be very similar, on the whole, to what you might be familiar with in an Apache environment or using OpenSSL.

However, there are a few important differences that can slow down the process if you don't know what to expect. Our CSR creation tool and step by step installation instructions should be able to help you with most of the basics.

Eliminate Certificate Warnings!

DigiCert's high-assurance ssl certificates are compatible with all major browsers, mail clients, and server types, and have a proven track record in use with nginx ssl certificate configurations.

SSL Certificates for Nginx Servers

DigiCert offers four kinds of server signing SSL certificates for use with Nginx. The right product for your organization depends on how you plan to implement SSL within your organization, depending usually upon how many servers you will be securing with SSL, your internal domain structure, or even the level of trust that your site needs to display to your users.

Wildcard SSL Certificates
Secure an entire domain (e.g., AND AND, with an unlimited server license and free unlimited reissues.

Multi Domain
Secure up to 25 fully-qualified domain names, including internal names and names from multiple base domains (e.g., AND

Often marketed to be used with Exchange, Multi-Domain SSL Certificates are not server specific, and are frequently used with Nginx ssl certificate implementations to secure multiple websites on one IP address, or multiple sites across a variety of server types.

EV Certificates
EV Certs are designed to prevent phishing and online fraud. They turn the address bar of the user's browser green, telling clients that you are who you claim to be.

Single-Name SSL Certificates
Secure one fully-qualified domain name (with and without the "www").