Novell SSL Security Certificate Guide

Why Should I Choose DigiCert for My Novell SSL?

Novell’s tools simplify the management and administration of your network resources, so don't complicate things when securing your data. Keep things simple and secure with DigiCert’s simple SSL certificate manager. Look no further, DigiCert offers solutions for all of your needs at competitive prices.

In addition to our industry-leading products, our unparalleled service and support staff will make sure all of your questions are answered and that all of your needs are taken care of.

SSL Built to Your Needs

Don’t compromise the security of your sites and network resources. DigiCert has SSL Certificates to meet all of your needs.

CSR creation and certificate installation have been dramatically simplified for Novell ConsoleOne and iChain SSL configurations, and our online tools are here to help.

Extended Validation Certificate (EV SSL)
Upgrade your SSL Certificate with an ever higher level of authentication and extended validation in order to protect you and all of your resources.

SSL Plus Certificate
Industry-standard 2048-bit strong encryption for your single server, along with our 30-day money back guarantee, excellent customer support, and unlimited free reissues.

Wildcard Certificate
Secure an entire domain and also receive an unlimited server license. Pay once and make sure your entire domain and all of its subdomains are covered.

Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate
With a single certificate you can protect up to 250 server names using Subject Alternative Names.

When using Novell’s ConsoleOne and iChain to administer your products, manage your eDirectories, and develop and manage your business-to-business site solutions, be sure that your information is safe and authenticated with our trusted name.

Securing Your Novell ConsoleOne

Novell’s producers offer simple and effective ways to administer all of your network resources. Choosing DigiCert to protect your services & administration tools will secure your eDirectory, its contents, associated NetWare servers, and other important information.

Securing Your Novell iChain

When using your Novell iChain to administer your Business-to-Business (B2B) solutions, you can protect your network’s single-sign-on site, eCommerce store, and your users’ authentication information. Keep your B2B solutions smart and secure for you and your customers.