Office Communications Server SSL Certificates from DigiCert®

Microsoft Office Communication server/OCS SSL certificate setups are now easier than they have ever been before! And, as always, as a Microsoft recommended certificate provider (CA), our SSL certificates are compatible with OCS.

Secure Communications Made Easy

For all Microsoft installations, DigiCert's bundled certificate files simplify the process by bringing the number of certificates you have to install down to one (instead of 2 or sometimes even 3).

And if you need any help with the OCS CSR creation or installation process, our qualified support staff is well versed in OCS SSL certificate support.

All The Features

As always, once your DigiCert OCS ssl certificate is installed, you'll have all the features at a much lower cost than what you'd expect from other certificate providers.

Our certificates are compatible with all major browsers, come with an unlimited server license, and can be reissued as many times as you need during the lifetime of the certificate.

Office Communications Server SSL Certificates

Unlike most of Microsoft's common server platforms, there are a few restrictions on OCS SSL certificate compatibility. The most common question is whether Wildcard SSL certificates work. Unfortunately, they don't.

All other SSL certificate types work on OCS without any trouble.

Multi Domain
Multi Domain certs get a lot of attention as being designed for Exchange, but they also work great as OCS SSL certificates.

At the base price, Multi-Domain SSL Certificates can secure 4 names (fully-qualified domain names), though they can expand out to 25 according to your needs.

EV Certificates
EV Certs were designed specifically to prevent phishing scams and online fraud.

Single-Name SSL Certificates
Secure one fully-qualified domain name (with and without the "www").

DigiCert makes it easy for you to take advantage of the Unlimited Server license included with every certificate. SSL certificates can easily be exported from one Microsoft server and imported to another to be used simultaneously on both without paying any extra per-server licensing fees!