How to Use DigiCert Products and Support Your Customers

When you become a DigiCert Partner, you can offer all DigiCert SSL products to your clients. Our Partner Team offers support to ensure you and your clients are knowledgeable about different types of certificates and DigiCert solutions.

DigiCert has been a leading Certificate Authority (CA) since the beginning with a focus on providing security done right. This means offering the right combination of people, technology, compliance and auditing, and processes.

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Integrate & Add Value for Your Clients

Making SSL Part of Your Business

As a DigiCert Partner, we help you add real value to your existing products and services. Integrating DigiCert's products into your existing workflows or business practices is easy. Our Partner Team is committed to your success and will help you incorporate DigiCert certificates, get you up-to-speed on DigiCert tools and platforms, and ensure you are bringing the most value to your existing clients.

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Market Your New Offerings

Get the Most from Your Partnership

As a DigiCert Reseller Partner, we'll provide you with the resources, campaigns, and best practices you need to increase sales and grow your SSL business. Our Partner Team will work with you to deploy easy-to-follow and innovative campaigns to effectively reach your existing clients and increase your customer base.

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Support with the Customer in Mind

Complimentary Support Services 24/7

DigiCert takes pride in offering an exceptional customer experience. Our Partner Team is here to support you by providing information, ideas for campaigns, and any other partner-specific help you need. Our Technical Support Team is standing by and available 24/7 to handle any technical issues you may run into.

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