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Find and replace SHA-1 certificates for free

Based on current research and DigiCert recommendations, administrators should replace their SHA-1 certificates as the risks associated SHA-1 are greater than previously expected. While published findings don't appear to present an immediate danger, we strongly encourage administrators to plan their migration to SHA-2 as soon as feasibly possible.

Most SHA-2 migrations are as simple as requesting a re-issue of an existing SHA-1 certificate or replacing a certificate issued by another Certificate Authority with a SHA-2 certificate from DigiCert.

The SHA-1 Sunset Tool makes it easy to find all of your SHA-1 certificates. Enter your domain name to find affected certificates and upgrade to SHA-256 with a free DigiCert certificate.

Domain Name: (Ex.

No security warnings
Secure, but with minor errors
Neutral, lacking security
Affirmatively insecure

Current Browser Recommendations:

SHA-1 certificates expiring after January 1, 2016 will receive a security warning beginning with Google Chrome v39 and on future Microsoft platforms.

Find all of the SHA-1 certificates on a given domain and replace them for free with an equivalent SHA-256 DigiCert certificate to avoid browser warnings.

Certificate Expiration Chrome 41+ Options

No SHA-1 certificates were found that expire after January 1, 2016.

These results are cached and may not reflect any recent updates to your server. For a more complete real time check, please use the DigiCert® SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool.

To check your internal networks, you can use the DigiCert® Certificate Inspector Tool.

About SHA-1 and SHA-2

SHA-2 was created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to replace SHA-1 after mathematical weaknesses were discovered in the algorithm. For the past few years, network security experts have warned that certificates using the SHA-1 hashing algorithm will soon be in danger of being hacked due to consistent advancements in computing technology.

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Migrating to SHA-2

W3Schools’ latest report stated that 59.8% of all people on the Internet use Chrome and thus will be affected by the visual warning starting in November.

DigiCert strongly recommends that you accelerate SHA-2 deployment where possible and prepare to fully migrate your environment to SHA-2. If you have any questions or need help with your migration, please contact our support team 24/7 at 1-801-701-9600.

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