DigiCert® Signing Manager

Trust and identity for
code, apps and containers

Ensure code signing key protection while delegating
cryptographic operations, signing activities and
management of the service to your developer teams.

Unsigned is more than unsecured

Without signatures, identity, and full awareness over all applications, your systems and users are vulnerable to attacks. Signing solves the most common security issues revolving around application integrity.

Malware protection

Guard against attacks by not only encrypting code in transit, but also attaching a time-stamped marker, so end-users know it came from you, and it’s unaltered. 

Private signing keys

Protect private signing keys and maintain total visibility over who has access to, or copies of, those keys.

Audit compliance

Maintain compliance with a manager that allows you to easily account for all code signing activity.

How Code Signing Works

Signing the Code
Verifying the Code Integrity

The highest level of trust

DigiCert Signing Manager delivers scalability, visibility, and control—all while providing the highest level of trust inside a capable, easy-to-use manager.

Signature hashing

Your intellectual property never leaves the premises, even as you enjoy lightning fast signing.

Full reporting

All signing activity is tracked and logged, with reports available across account or developer group. 

Process automation

Client-side tools can be integrated with CI/CD services, so you can automate signing processes.

Limitless keys

Your users with permission can instantly issue any number of certificates and keys on-demand.

Adaptive. Aware. Attributed. All in ONE. 

For two decades, DigiCert has been at the forefront of the PKI evolution, driving the world’s most trusted security solution into new territories and new eras of technological innovation. New deployments, new configurations, new applications, new toys and new tools—no matter what we invent, PKI evolves to protect.  

Now, DigiCert is ushering PKI into its next stage of evolution with DigiCert ONE.  Built with a modern, holistic approach to PKI management, DigiCert ONE allows you to rapidly deploy in any environment, roll out services in a fraction of the time, and deliver end-to-end user and device management at any scale.  

More than a platform 

DigiCert ONE is more than just a platform. It’s a new way of thinking about how you secure and manage everything of value in your organization. From the individual website to the massive enterprise, DigiCert ONE makes security, validation, and identity powerful and easy. No matter the size or use, DigiCert ONE delivers control and simplicity for the highest level of assurance.

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