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How is Managed PKI Different from any other Account?

The main difference between managed PKI and a standard account is not pricing, it is certificate, user, and administrative management functions.

In most accounts, companies, users, domains, etc., are managed on a per order basis. Every time an order is placed, certain information needs to be submitted by our customer and verified on our end as part of the certificate vetting process.

In an MPKI SSL certificate account, many of the verification and administrative functions that are normally taken care of by DigiCert are instead taken care of by an account administrator (or account administrators) that are selected by the organization for which the certificates will be issued.

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What is the Cost?

Managed PKI is not a product, but a service that we offer to our customers. All certificate pricing inside your MPKI account will be the same as that which is reflected on our website for any standard SSL certificate pricing.

As with any customer, it is always possible to set up account specific volume discounts upon request. To set up a special pricing arrangement, we recommend that you contact our customer support department with any questions you might have.

Alternately, you can use the online form on our Managed PKI Main page to send an email directly to an Enterprise Account Management representative.

How Does Payment Work?

One primary difference between an MPKI SSL account and a standard account is that while standard accounts give the option for pre-payment or on-demand payment, MPKI domains will have a running account balance against which ssl certificates can be ordered.

There are currently no minimum account balance or initial deposit requirements to maintain an MPKI certificate management account if your account has no special pricing setup. In order to establish a special bulk pricing rate we require that a deposit be made upfront for at least 25 percent of the total value of the anticipated certificate volume.

How Does DigiCert Compare?

As always, our upfront pricing on both standard and Extended Validation SSL certificates is extremely competitive, and we are always happy to work with customers to establish possible bulk discounts for large SSL certificate requests.

If there is any account feature or function, or anything at all that you would like to see us improve in the future, please let us know right away!