Government SSL certification from DigiCert

Government agencies have unique responsibilities, and with those responsibilities come unique needs. DigiCert's SHA-2 SSL Certificates are perfect for Government agencies: they're budget friendly, they're secured by the strongest encryption available, and they come with the best support in the industry.

Experience and Understanding

We understand that a government organization does not operate the same as a business would, and we're ready to help meet your needs and cut through the red tape. Agencies such as the United Nations, NASA, the FBI, the U.S. House of Representatives, and many others trust DigiCert to meet their SSL needs.

Our strong 2048-bit SHA-2 encryption ensures that your sensitive data will be safely transmitted only to those you want. DigiCert SSL Certificates have never been compromised, and our unlimited reissue option makes sure your certificates will be ready any time you need them.

For extra flexibility, our Wildcard certificates allow you to secure an unlimited number of subdomains with a single certificate. For example, a certificate issued as * will allow you to secure,,, etc. Our Wildcard certificates also include an unlimited server license, meaning you won't need to purchase a new certificate for every server you use.

DigiCert Offers Flexible Payment Options

You can order certificates easily paying with a credit card or account credit. However, we also support purchase order payments. If purchase orders are a required part of your certificate acquisition process, please contact us or email support ( so that we can help get you started.

Need a Quote

If you need a quote in order to have a PO prepared, getting one is as easy as a giving us a call or emailing

FBCA Cross Certified

DigiCert's AssuredID root certificate is cross certified with the Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA). As a cross-certified CA, DigiCert offers device and client certificates that interoperate with the U.S. federal government and other related communities, including certificates for the Direct exchange. If you'd like to order a cross-certified certificate, please contact a sales representative at 1-801-701-9690 or email

SSL Certificates for Government Agencies

Wildcard SSL Certificates

Secure unlimited subdomains of your domain (and the base domain itself) -- includes Unlimites Server License.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

Designed for Microsoft Exchange Servers (and compatible with all other servers), secures up to 25 names, including internal names and names from multiple base domains.

EV SSL Certificates

The strongest validation available secures one name (with and without the "www"). EV Certificates turn the address bar of the user's browser green, telling them you are who you claim to be.

2048-Bit Single-Name SSL Certificates

Secure one fully-qualified domain name (with and without the "www").