How to reissue an SSL certificate in your DigiCert account

All DigiCert certificates come with unlimited free reissues. Some reasons you may reissue your certificate include:

  • You lost your private key and want to re-key your certificate.
  • You want to change a domain on the certificate (i.e., from to
  • You want to change the organization name that is listed in the certificate.
  • You want to add, remove, or change some of the SANs that are listed in your Multi-Domain SSL Certificate. See Multi-Domain SSL Certificates - DigiCert Account Tutorial.

Reissuing an SSL Certificate

  1. Generate New CSR

    To reissue a certificate, you must generate a new CSR on your server and then submit the CSR in your account. If you need instructions for creating your CSR, see our Create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) page.

  2. Log into your DigiCert Account.

  3. In your account, on the My Orders tab, on the Managing Orders page, click the Order # for the multi-domain certificate you want to add the SANs to.

    Reissuing a certificate

    Note: For MPKI accounts, on the My Certificates tab, on the Managing Certificates page, click the Order # for the certificate you want to reissue.

  4. On the My Certificates tab, on the Manager Your…Certificate - Order # page, scroll down to the Reissue Actions section and do one of the following:

    Note: The options available to you in the Reissue Actions section will change depending on the type of SSL Certificate (e.g., SSL Plus, Multi-Domain, EV Multi-Domain, etc.) you are reissuing.

    Re-Key Your Certificate If you lost your private key, click this option. This option lets you replace the certificate without changing
    any of the certificate subject fields (e.g., common name, organization name, etc.).
    Re-Key Note:
    Rekeying your SSL certificate does not revoke or affect previous certificates on the order.
    Edit Common Name If you want to get a new certificate with a different common name, click this option.
    (This option appears for SSL Plus, If you use this option, the certificate with the outdated common name is revoked.
    Wildcard, and EV SSL Plus
    Certificates only.)
    Add, Remove, or Change Domains If you want to make any of the following changes to your certificate, click this option:
    (This option appears for Multi- Change the common name (CN).
    Domain and EV Multi- Add new Subject Alternative Names (SANs).
    Domain Certificates only.) Remove any existing Subject Alternative Names (SANs).
    Rearrange the order of the Subject Alternative Names.
    Depending on what changes you make, the original certificate and its duplicates may be revoked.
    Before you submit your request, you will be presented with this information.
    Edit Organization Details If you want to change any of your organizational details (e.g., name) in the certificate, click this option.
    If you use this option, the certificate with the outdated organization details is revoked.
  5. On the Reissue page, do the following and then, click Continue to Next Step:

    Paste Your CSR:* Do one of the following:
    Paste your CSR in the area provided.
    Click the Click to upload a CSR link to upload your CSR.
    Rearrange the order of the Subject Alternative Names.
    Select Your Server Software:* In the drop-down list, select the server software that was used to generate the CSR.
    Reasons for Changes: Enter the reason for reissuing the certificate.
  6. Next, review the information and if it is all correct, click These Changes Are Correct > Process Reissue.

Certificate Re-validation and Domain/Subdomain Re-verification

If any of the information in the certificate was changed, we will re-validate the certificate. If the common name or any SANs were changed to domains or subdomains that we haven't validated, we will verify the request using the contact information in the WHOIS record.

Certificate Reissue

Once the reissue has been completed, an email will be sent to the email address listed in the order with the new certificates attached.