Thank You for Attending DigiCert Security Summit

We hope you enjoyed the glitz and glam of the Bellagio! We also hope you left Summit with confidence in the connections you made and more insights into the security industry. Our primary goal was to bring together industry professionals to engage in dialogue about how to improve global security. We believe our dynamic group of speakers provided an in-depth look into the spaces surrounding SSL, IoT, healthcare, and more.

Thank you for attending and for your collaborative attitudes—you helped make this year’s Summit the most successful yet.

Summit Photo Highlights

Take a closer look at some of the people that made Summit great.

Summit Presentations

Relive our engaging lineup of speakers to further inspire and educate.

Know Your Threat

Learn about the state of corporate network security and common pitfalls organizations experience.
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Secrets Management

Mismanaging your secrets, including certificates, keys, and database passwords, can lead to fatal consequences, like leaks, outages, and compliance violations.
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Complexities in
Managing Enterprise PKI

Deploying an enterprise PKI can be daunting and complex. Learn how to manage initial deployment, deploy at a scale, and perform on-going maintenance.
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IoT Security Gets Real: Provisioning, Managing and Securing
Connected Devices

Gain insight into the complexities of securing connected devices as panelists share use cases of provisioning devices and the obstacles that came with it.

Why Medical Device Manufacturers are Turning to PKI

Scott and Darin present use cases highlighting four different vulnerabilities for connected medical devices to demonstrate how PKI can be used to mitigate each situation.
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Making Better Decisions:
A History Lesson

Learn how to keep your organizations secure in a rapidly evolving threat landscape.
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