DigiCert SSL Product Overview

Here at DigiCert we believe in keeping things simple. We do not bombard you with a confusing array of SSL Certificate products. Our product line is very simple:

SSL Plus™ (Single-name certificates)

  • Standard SSL security. A single-name certificate secures one specific domain name, such as "www.digicert.com" or "mail.digicert.com."

  • Double the bang for your buck. A lot of people use both "yourname.com" AND "www.yourname.com" to point to their site. When you add SSL to the equation, they either have to choose one or the other, or they have to pay for a second certificate. DigiCert's SSL Plus solves this problem by securing "yourname.com" and "www.yourname.com" in every certificate, at no extra charge!

  • Affordable. SSL Plus certificates cost only $175 for one year, $157/year for two years, and $139/year for three years.

Per Year Pricing
3 Years $139 per year ($419) (You Save $108) Buy Now
2 Years $157 per year ($315) (You Save $36) Buy Now
1 Year $175 Buy Now

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Wildcard Plus™

  • All you expect from a wildcard, "plus" more. DigiCert's Wildcard Plus certificate has all the features of a regular Wildcard SSL Certificate -- a certificate for "*.digicert.com" will secure "www.digicert.com" and "mail.digicert.com" and any other subdomain of "digicert.com" -- but we didn't stop there. Wildcard Plus has several great features included in the cost of every certificate, including:

    1. Unlimited Server License. DigiCert's Unlimited Server License -- included in every Wildcard Plus certificate -- allows you to install your certificate on as many servers as you want. Do you have seven production servers, two mail servers, and four test servers, all running on different platforms? No problem. You buy one Wildcard Plus certificate from DigiCert and secure them all.

    2. Secure the base domain. The "Plus" in "Wildcard Plus" refers to a feature that DigiCert was the first company to offer: in addition to securing all the subdomains of "digicert.com," our certificate will also secure "digicert.com" itself. Believe it or not, it took years for someone to think of that -- we're just glad it was us.

    3. More compatible with mobile devices. Another part of "Plus" is that we allow you to choose up to ten specific subdomains ("mail.digicert.com," "www.digicert.com," etc.) to list in the certificate, providing compatibility with certain mobile devices that traditional wildcard certificates just don't offer.

  • Affordable. Wildcard Plus certificates are a great value at $595 for one year, $535/year for two years, and $475/year for three years.

Per Year Pricing
3 Years $475 per year ($1,425) (You Save $360) Buy Now
2 Years $535 per year ($1,070) (You Save $120) Buy Now
1 Year $595 Buy Now

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Extended Validation (EV) SSL Plus™ Certificates

  • Display trust with the next level of identity verification. EV Certificates take identity verification to the next level. Following standards DigiCert helped develop as part of the CA/Browser Forum, we perform rigid verification of the identity of everyone who purchases an EV certificate. Because of this validation process, EV certificates cost more and take longer to process; in return, you pass along an even greater sense of security to your customers, who see the green address bar (now available in updated versions of all major web browsers) and know that you are taking care of their information.

  • Three objectives. EV certificates have three objectives, as laid out by the CA/Browser Forum: Enable secure connections, establish online businesses' identity, and help prevent fraud.

  • Affordable. EV certificates cost $295 for one year and $469 for two years.

  • Unlimited Server License Included. DigiCert's unlimited server license lets you use your EV certificate on as many servers as you want without paying per-server licensing fees.

To learn more about EV certificates and pricing, choose one of the following -

Secure an Entire Domain, Secure Multiple Domains

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Unified Communications (UC) Certificates

  • Exchange Server's best friend. Recommended for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Office Communications Server 2007, UC Certificates allow you to secure up to 25 Subject Alternative Names in one certificate, even if the host names are on different domains.

  • Affordable. Four-domain UC certificates start at $299 for one year, $269/year for two years, and $239/year for three years.

  • Even more affordable. Additional domain names maximize your savings even more -- each domain after three is only $49 for one year, $79 for two years, and $99 for three years.

3 Years $719 4 names, additional names $99 each (Save $180) Buy Now
2 Years $539 4 names, additionals $79 each (Save $60) Buy Now
1 Year $299 4 names, additionals $49 each Buy Now

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Extended Validation Multi-Domain Certificates

  • Greater Trust. Establish trust across all of your websites with the green-bar assurance provided by EV security.

  • Flexible. Secure up to 25 Subject Alternative Names, just like the DigiCert Unified Communication Certificates.

  • Big Savings. The EV MD certificate offers huge savings over all of the EV SSL Certificates you would normally need to buy. Additional names are easily added, saving you even more!

2 Years $779 3 names, additionals $169 each (Save $200) Buy Now
1 Year $489 3 names, additionals $99 each Buy Now

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Standard Features included in all DigiCert SSL certificates

  • Discounts for longer terms. Save 10% on two-year certificates, and 20% on three-year certificates. (Note: EV certificates are only available for one or two years.)

  • 30-day risk-free refund period. You want a refund, we give you a refund. No paperwork, no hassle, no guilt trips. (On EV certs, there is a $99 non-refundable processing fee -- but even with that, we credit the $99 to your account to apply towards the purchase of another ssl certificate.)

  • Unlimited free reissues for the lifetime of the certificate. You lost your private key? Reissue. You changed your domain from www.yourname.com to secure.yourname.com? Reissue. You just want to see if we really mean "unlimited" and "free" when we say "unlimited free reissues"? Reissue.

  • Professional site seal with a bold design. DigiCert's site seal gives you an easy way to let your customers know that your site is being secured by DigiCert and that their information is safe. And with one click of the seal, your customers can see that we have assured your identity.

  • Live web chat, email, phone, and online help. We are here to help you 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, and our sales and support representatives know what they are talking about and love what they do.

  • Certificates are trusted by virtually all browsers. Our certificates have just as much inherent browser trust as the ones you get from other (more expensive) SSL providers. DigiCert is committed to providing the best value in the industry, and as part of that commitment, we strive to keep our prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality.