Passpoint Release 2 Leverages Existing PKI Technology

The Passpoint Release 2 certification program is designed to streamline the process of establishing new user accounts and makes finding and connecting to the right service provider both simple and secure.

Because of DigiCert’s reputation as a leading Certificate Authority and promoter of industry standards and improvements, we have been selected by the Wi-Fi Alliance to validate service providers and provide Online Sign-Up (OSU) server certificates, or DigiCert SecureWiFi certificates.

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WiFi Security Done Right and Made Easy

Complete Solution

As the only publicly trusted Certificate Authority who offers WiFi certificates, we can also offer a complete line of authentication solutions—including SSL, device, and client certificates.

Leading Certificate Authority

Enterprises in more than 180 countries trust DigiCert for authentication solutions and certificate management.

Industry Thought Leader

Because DigiCert is a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance and contributor to the Passpoint Release 2 standards, we can provide expert assistance with certificate ordering, installation, and implementation.

Chosen Solution Provider

DigiCert is one of only two providers that have been selected by the Wi-Fi Alliance to provide WiFi certificates.

DigiCert Is a Full Service Provider

Enterprises in More than 180 Countries Trust DigiCert

SecureWiFi Certificates are the newest addition to DigiCert’s existing certificate management and deployment solution. This system includes all of our other certificate offerings and empowers you to take control of your certificate management and perform key lifecycle events on demand.

Passpoint participants will also benefit from other perks that come with a trusted Certificate Authority, including 5-star customer support, expert validation, and fast certificate issuance.

By centralizing the PKI functions across your entire enterprise in one system you can manage costs, consolidate responsibility, reduce admin time, and tighten security.