Security Concerns Are Threatening WiFi Growth

By 2018, over 10 million new WiFi hotspots will be deployed* and mobile data transfers will exceed 190,000 petabytes.

As the desire for connectivity grows, so does the demand for broad WiFi availability. WiFi is now an expected amenity in a variety of venues, from airports and hotels to coffee shops, libraries, and restaurants. Business users are adopting WiFi as their primary connection method when traveling over wired access. And the growth in smartphone sales and embedded WiFi in laptops is further driving WiFi market expansion.

However, concerns about the security of public WiFi hotspots are threatening this growth. As attacks specifically targeted at stealing user data evolve, high profile data leaks are becoming common in today’s news. Users are more wary than ever in connecting to an unknown hotspot or service provider and with good reason. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in malicious actors targeting unsecured—and even secured—public WiFi hotspots.

* ABI Research WiFi Report 2014

PKI Is a Proven Solution

For Over 20 Years Digital Certificates Have Provided Security

In the second release of the Passpoint program, the Wi-Fi Alliance is leveraging existing PKI technology to help secure and standardize WiFi signup processes. This program transforms the way users connect to WiFi hotspots and makes the process of finding and connecting to the right service provider both simple and secure.

Service providers that use SecureWiFi Certificates help increase users’ trust in public WiFi hotspots by helping them find trusted and safe providers. When users connect to the right provider and have a safe experience they are more likely to trust public WiFi hotspots in the future.

Digital Certificates Protect WiFi

DigiCert Is Here to Help

Security is the key to protecting the new frontier of data exchange and the millions of mobile devices that already access WiFi. And, with the growth of appliances that will rely on WiFi in the Internet of Things, security is more important than ever.

DigiCert is dedicated to improved security across the web—including on WiFi networks—and recommends strong security best practices for WiFi access, authentication, and administration.

The next generation of WiFi will feature seamless connections and ubiquitous interoperability. DigiCert is dedicated to making that vision a reality.