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DigiCert® DNS Trust Manager

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Managed DNS puts the power of reliability,
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That’s digital trust for the real world.
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Unrivaled DNS reliability. Unbridled DNS speeds.

The DigiCert Global Anycast Network (AS16552) operates 25 points of presence (PoPs) around the world, serving over a billion queries a day. Our network is purpose-built from bare metal servers, operating a dedicated network managed entirely in-house. DigiCert DNS Trust Manager controls access and operations for the longest outage-free history, making downtime a thing of the past. And with average speeds as low as 10 milliseconds, queries are so fast, users notice the difference—meaning a boost in SEO, client satisfaction, and revenue.

Features and Benefits

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Outage prevention

DigiCert’s geo-redundant, purpose-built network leads the industry in continuous uptime. Use DigiCert DNS Trust Manager for primary or secondary DNS, leveraging DNS failover to prevent outages.

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Performance boosting

DigiCert maintains top-tier DNS query speeds in all major markets. Use DigiCert Trust Manager’s proprietary traffic management features to route traffic to the best possible source.

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Automated management

DigiCert’s full-featured RESTful API and off-the-shelf integrations make it easy to programmatically manage DNS infrastructure and enable multi-cloud, multi-CDN and DevOps.

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Traffic management

DigiCert’s advanced traffic steering allows you to optimize user experiences. Automate route traffic by incorporating real-user metrics, system monitoring and predictive analytics.

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Security control

Advanced security features include built-in DDoS mitigation, DNSSEC support, malicious traffic filtering, and enterprise security features like granular user access controls, SSO/MFA and more.

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Insights reporting

Real-time logging powers multiple AI and machine-learning models that provide real-time anomaly detection, alerting you to suspicious traffic and helping to prevent outages.

The global leader in digital trust

DigiCert trust solutions secure and authenticate the world’s leading organizations.

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of Fortune 500 companies

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of the 100 largest banks worldwide

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of Fortune 500 Technology and Service Companies

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of Fortune 500
Utilities companies


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