How VMCs and DMARC increase email deliverability, security, and open rates.

Webinar Overview

You’re invested in email deliverability, security, and open rates. After all, it’s only performance marketing if it performs.You’re also invested in your brand identity—it’s the heart of your business. But when it appears in a customer’s inbox, odds are it has been reduced to your brand’s first initial in a generic font within a gray circle. In fact, every other brand—real or fake—that begins with the same letter looks exactly the same to your recipients.   
It’s time you turned your investments into results. Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) let you use your brand as the indicator of email trust. With VMCs, your brand’s verified logo stands out from the default inbox sea-of-sameness. With VMCs and the DMARC rigor behind them, you join leading brands like CNN, GrubHub, Ericsson and eHarmony, doing their part to combat email fraud, phishing and scams.
Watch this 60-minute webinar to learn about how VMCs are revolutionizing email marketing and security.  Also, do your marketing colleagues a favor—share it with them as well—because VMCs are making a huge impact on their industry, too. 


  • How to avoid brand impersonations in email

  • How VMCs with DMARC improve email security and deliverability rates

  • How to increase brand impressions in email by displaying your verified logo




Mark Packham – Executive VP of Marketing, DigiCert

Dean Coclin – Chair of the CA/B Forum & Sr. Director, Business Development, DigiCert

Leon Brown – Sr. Director of Product Marketing, DigiCert

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