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Quantum computing will change everything

With current technology, we estimate it would take a few quadrillion years to crack 2048-bit encryption. A capable quantum computer could do it in months, or even hours.

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Preparing takes longer than you think

There’s no set timeline for when a stable computer capable of cracking current encryption algorithms will be realized, but that misses the point. The process to inventory your organization’s use of cryptography across the enterprise, create quantum-safe roadmaps for each use case, and execute the transition will span many years. Meanwhile, the pace of quantum innovation and timelines for PQC adoption are accelerating.

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Crypto-agility for the win

Weathering the transition to a quantum safe posture will require organizations to adapt and scale the way they manage digital certificates. At the same time, they will need to migrate their cryptography to approved quantum safe algorithms – potentially multiple times as the standards evolve. It is critical to develop now the ability to continuously discover and manage certificates at-scale.

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