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Reduce disruption with full lifecycle management

Centralize visibility and control, reduce risk, and secure identity and access for every certificate in your enterprise with DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager.

DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager

Complexity—and lack of visibility—puts digital trust at risk

With the growing complexity of PKI lifecycle management, IT teams face greater risk and struggle with internal demands for more agility. Unfortunately, legacy enterprise certificate management tools often lack an agnostic certificate management strategy, which can deepen PKI siloes and exacerbate the risk of outages. To address these issues, enterprise PKI solutions must offer a comprehensive certificate management solution that delivers visibility across every certificate, regardless of the issuing authority.

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Change was constant, now it’s chaos

Since 2019, there’s been a 3x increase in remote workers, forcing infrastructure and IAM teams to move entire workloads to the cloud, overhaul authentication strategies for ZeroTrust, and adopt crypto-agility postures to be ready for quantum computing and future threats that may dictate sweeping and immediate changes.

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Outages cannot become the new normal

In 2021, 67% of enterprises surveyed reported having experienced a PKI-related service outage in the last year. Shockingly, 25% of respondents had experienced at least five-to-six outages in the previous six months. These outages may also be under-reported, as average unplanned certificate outages have been reported to cause economic losses of around $10m USD.

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Complexity increased, but visibility did not

Digicert's 2021 global study found that the average enterprise manages 50,000 known certificates. But almost half of respondents frequently encountered unmanaged rogue certificates—often during outages. This data does not include the user and multiple device certificates for every employee, which also require enterprise PKI management and policy enforcement for network, VPN and all other parts of your infrastructure.

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Eliminating CLM & Enterprise PKI silos

Finally, a PKI certificate management solution that works for your entire IT organization, preventing outages, managing risk, and enforcing policy.


The entire trust lifecycle

DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager is more than a certificate lifecycle management tool. It is a full-stack solution supporting the centralized digital trust needs of your business. It breaks down PKI silos and provides a unified view across your public and private trust resources. It gives you complete control at every phase: discovery, issuance, management, notification, automation and integration. DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager brings together:

Certificate Lifecycle Management

Accelerates IT operations with PKI certificate discovery, management, notification, automation, and integration, for full control of user, server, and device certificates:

  • Builds a centralized repository of all public and private certificates with fine grained visibility and operational control
  • Management & Notifications: Streamline operations and pinpoint needed actions to prevent certificate expiration or remediate vulnerabilities
  • Automation: Provides hands-free or one-touch provisioning and renewal
  • Integration: Delivers governance across CAs and interoperability with business systems

PKI Services (Managed PKI)

Streamlines the complexity of managing identity and authentication of users, devices, and other IT resources, improving adoption, productivity, and security:

  • Rapid ICA creation and configuration for different business unit requirements
  • Pre-configured and customizable user, device, and server profiles
  • Flexible manual and automated enrollment and authentication methods
  • Integration with UEM/MDM, CMS, Active Directory and other IAM technologies





2024 Global InfoSec Awards

Awarded for trust

DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager wins the Global InfoSec Award for the Next Gen Certificate Lifecycle Management category.

Use cases that put digital trust to work

Get comprehensive oversight of a broad range of certificate and PKI needs:

  • TLS/SSL inspection
  • Certificate discovery
  • Secure email
  • User authentication
  • Endpoint authentication (UEM/MDM)
  • Server authentication
  • Intermediate Certificate Authorities (ICAs)
  • On-premises deployments for data privacy and protection
  • Network access control
  • Wi-Fi device authentication
  • Smartcard login
  • Passwordless authentication
  • Secure remote access with VPN

The DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager advantage 

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Full-Stack Solution

  • Single pane of glass reduces risk of business disruption
  • Improves performance and handling
  • Deeper integration capabilities
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Deploy Anywhere

  • Cloud
  • On-premises
  • Hybrid environments
  • Managed service
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Self-Service Issuance

  • Certificate profiles and tools facilitate self-service issuance
  • Deep integrations automate last-mile installation
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Deep Integration

  • Supports enterprise business processes
  • Increased productivity due to strong integration levels

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DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager

Trust Lifecycle Manager

Digicert Trust Lifecycle Manager Automates Secure Certificate Management Across Diverse Workloads

DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager Automates Secure Certificate Management Across Diverse Workloads

The Digital Trust OS

DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager is part of DigiCert® ONE, the digital trust solution for the real world. Fast, flexible, scalable, and highly secure, DigiCert ONE delivers the most identity, encryption and authentication to everything from IoT devices to national governments.

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