Adding subject alternative names (SANs) to your Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

Use these instructions to reissue your DigiCert Multi-Domain or EV Multi-Domain certificate so that you can add, remove, or change domains.

The DigiCert Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate allows you to reissue your certificate at any time so that you can change the common name, change the order of SANs, add or remove SANs. You can do this directly from your account.

Note: Removing and changing domains on a certificate will revoke the original certificate and any of its duplicate certificates.

How to Add SANs to Your Multi-Domain/EV Multi-Domain Certificate

  1. Generate a new CSR

    To add SANs to a certificate, you must generate a new CSR on your server, and then submit the CSR in your account.

    To find instructions for creating a CSR, see our Create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) page.

  2. Sign in to your DigiCert Account.

  3. In your account, on the My Orders tab, on the Managing Orders page, click the Order # for the multi-domain or EV multi-domain certificate to which you want to add the SANs.

    Adding SANs to a certificate

  4. On the My Certificates tab, on the Manager Your…Certificate - Order # page, in the Reissue Actions section, click Add, Remove, or Change Domains

    Adding SANs to a certificate

  5. On the Reissue - Add, Remove, or Change Domains - Step 1 page, complete these tasks and then click Continue to Next Step:

    1. Add your CSR

      1. Copy your CSR and paste it in the Paste Your CSR box or click the Click to upload a CSR link to upload your CSR.

      2. Rearrange the order of the SANs, as needed.

    2. Select your server platform

      In the Select Your Server Software drop-down list, select the server software that was used to generate the CSR (for example, IIS 10).

    3. In the Reason for Changes box, type a reason for the reissue.

      Note: Adding a reason is optional. You can leave this box blank.

  6. On the Reissue - Add, Remove, or Change Domains - Step 2 page, you can select the SANs (names) in the list and remove them or add new ones.

    You can also select which one should be the common name in the certificate and change the order of the names.

    Note: If you need to use more names than you have purchased "name slots" for, simply add the names and enter your payment information in the next step.

    Adding SANs to a certificate

  7. Next, review the information and then click These Changes Are Correct > Process Reissue.

Certificate Reissue

In most cases, a DigiCert support agent must approve the reissue before we can issue your new certificate. We can usually issue the new certificate within 30 to 60 minutes.

Important: If you don't receive your certificate in that time frame, or have specific questions about the process, contact our 24-hour support for assistance.