Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates

Use Subject Alternative Names to secure hundreds of domains, subdomains, or even a complete environment using a single Multi-Domain Certificate. As low as $391/year


More flexible certificate options

From wildcard to multi-domain and with plans up to six years, we’ve got you covered.

Get the exact type of TLS/SSL certificate you need. Buy a DigiCert Basic certificate and choose how you want to configure it:

  • single domain
  • multi-domain (SAN) for up to 250 domains
  • wildcard

And now all of these certificates are available with up to six years of coverage.

What is a Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate?

Multi-Domain Certificates, also called SAN certificates, offer complete control over the Subject Alternative Name field. These certificates are ideal for securing multiple names across different domains and subdomains (e.g., Exchange/OCS environments). You also have the option to add, change, and delete any of the SANs on the fly to reflect the evolving needs of your network.

With just one Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate, you could secure the following domains:

Reduce Complexities of Server Configurations

Run multiple services on one IP address and use a multi-domain (SAN) certificate to secure:


DigiCert EV SSL Certificates

DigiCert EV SSL certificates combine industry-leading encryption with the
highest level of authentication to give your users complete assurance that
your brand is legitimate—that you’ve gone the extra mile to protect their data.

Shield - Protect Your Brand

Offer the industry-standard for data-sensitive domains

Shield-trans ,Build trust

Provide an extra layer of protection against common attacks

Displays an EV Indicator

Build your brand by giving users definitive proof of your identity

Validation process checklist

Streamline authentication with DigiCert priority validation