Wildcard Compatibility Errors

Almost all servers, devices, services, and platforms work fine with wildcard certificates. However, there are a few known incompatibilities. These issues are not specific to DigiCert® certificates—they are caused by the way wildcard characters are handled.

  • Microsoft Office Communication Server does not accept wildcards.

  • Microsoft Lync Server does not accept wildcards.

  • Oracle Wallet Manager does not accept wildcards.

  • Windows Mobile 5 devices cannot use wildcards. This is not an issue in future versions.

  • Microsoft Outlook cannot use RPC over HTTP with a wildcard unless you change the Outlook provider to *.yourdomain.com.

  • Barracuda Spam Firewalls can only create a certificate with a name that matches the server name. Technically, you can work around this issue by naming your server in the *.domain.com format.

  • LDAPS (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) does not support wildcards.

  • Active Directory does not support wildcards.

  • Microsoft Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 will not work with IMAP and POP services. This is not an issue in future versions.

Keep in mind that most devices or applications accept wildcard certificates unless explicitly stated otherwise in the product's documentation.

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